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I will be taking part in the London 2020 marathon! Crazy and exciting, my first marathon, so a huge personal challenge!

However, much more importantly, I am raising money for Globals make some noise, who support local charities and are supporting a charity very close to my and my familys heart, called Camsight.

At 9 weeks old our son Teddy was diagnosed with a congenital catract. We were told he would need an operation before he was 3 months old to remove his lens and that he would wear a contact lens daily and patch his good eye for half of his waking hours, to be able to have the best chance of regaining any vision in his affected eye. 

He had his operation at 11 weeks old. Naturally we were scared, nervous at the future that lay ahead for him and wanted to do everything possible to ensure that he was a sucess story. We were given Camsights information at the hospital and ever since then have been in regular contact with their staff who provide emotional support to us, along with visual support for Teddy.

We feel as though they have been our lifeline and second family. Their help to assist with Teddys visual development has been invaluable. They provide a pre school which runs fornightly, where lots of children with a host of different visual needs attend and along with giving the parents a chance to relax, the children are surrounded by visually stimulating toys, games and books and this always makes Teddy's patching time a little easier! 

Ted has a long road ahead, but at the moment at each appointment, he is making progress, which is all we can ask for. I do not think we would have come this far without Camsights support. 

I am so, so pleased that I can finally try and give back to this charity and that Globals make some noise are able to support them and other smaller charities to make this possible. l will be running several fundraising events to ensure that i can hit my target. 

Your money would go a long way to helping make a difference to so many peoples lives and thank you from the bottom of my heart for any donation that you are able to make.

I guess I'd better get training! 

Love Amy xxxx


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