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BD Chilli Challenge!



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Can you handle the heat!

Following on from last year’s eating challenge there is another attempt to make DP throw up on Make Some Noise day!

This time around the Outdoor GBDs will be eating all the chilli objects collected pre and during lockdown in a chilli challenge cupboard clear out. Items range from spicy Birdseye chilli to mustard and an assortment of international hot sauces.

The game will work as follows, for a £5 donation each of the GBDs will get to choose a tea spoon of a certain chilli to eat. However for a £10 donation the person who donated is able to choose an item for each of the GBDs to eat. The name of the game is of course pain!

The challenge takes place live (because we want to see the hurt) at 1 today so please feel free to join and donate or just watch and enjoy.

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