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Having seen a few of the other fundraising pages and the inspiring lengths some are going too, typing this feels rather anti-climactic but here goes.

Having fully embraced the once-in-a-lifetime chance to look as scruffy as possible during these unusual times, I have decided (with a little gentle persuasion) to donate my luscious lockdown locks and poor excuse for a beard to the Global Make Some Noise cause. My sister will be taking great pleasure in putting a stop to my hair experimentation with a good old-fashioned buzz cut that will see me relive my painful childhood memories of my mum's "Just as good as the barbers" DIY haircuts.

Having learnt of the brilliant work Global's Make Some Noise does for some of the less visible charities out there and with this being my first Make Some Noise experience, I was keen to get involved in any way I could. With fundraising options slightly limited at the moment, this allows me the chance to hopefully contribute in the smallest way possible. 

Appreciate it isn't much of an inspiring backstory but if it results in even a couple of generous donations I'll be delighted. 

Cheers x

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