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Eva Griffith

Dr. Griffith's Suffolk via Europe Walk - for Classic FM's Big Walk and Global's Make Some Noise charity



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My name is Eva Griffith and I am a historian of 16th- to 17th-century theatre (Shakespeare's time).

Many thanks to the people who have donated to my walk thus far. At the time of writing we have exceeded the target I set when I started out. That does not mean we can't do even better for the small youth-related UK charities which Global radio's charity 'Make Some Noise' support.

Donate, donate, donate! And I'll stop walking when work says I can't any more or Global tells me to stop.

In 2013 I wrote a book about a little-known theatre in Clerkenwell - The Red Bull! (yes, it is not as famous as Shakespeare's Globe...) - and I have been visiting Europe seeing the places actors of Shakespeare's time visited.

Europe was an interesting and treasured place then; Europe is...  Well, you should see the cake! I'll show you while I have the health and Health Card to do it. I completed a mid-way English leg of my journey in Suffolk, where the Tudor Thomas Seckford's charity started and still exists, for the Red Bull was built on a piece of old Clerkenwell land that raised money to house poor men in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

While in Europe (well, I've always lived on that continent) I have worked on some creative things - a book... a feature film about my actors - as well as some new material for Red Bull, Clerkenwell and London history which find common ground in the word 'Charity' as well as the term 'maps'. I have certainly needed a map or two while on my journeys.

I am glad to say that during September we exceeded my target of £440 for Global's 'Big Walk' - £10 for every country on the continent of Europe. This is not to do with the EU, I stress, it is to do with land mass. A much more important topic for today's style of 'Global' thought.

How important is Charity (caring) to you? It's important to me, having looked after my mother with dementia for three years before she died last year. Towards the end it was very painful for her to walk. So while I can, I am going to walk. With the use of some maps.

Come and walk with me - via Twitter, if you like - @EvaWalking - or the rather more serious @EvaGriffith19!

And if you give some money, "thank you". It will mean so much to the range of little charities which Global supports. Look them up - I have!

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