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Running a marathon has always been a goal of mine and what better cause than for a charity that helps and works with so many smaller charities that help disadvantaged children and young people as well as there families. 

Having a young son myself, that for the most part has been very healthy and happy throughout his 2 years makes me realise how lucky I am compared to so many other parents and children who do not get that luxury. The worst I've had it is when he had 10 days in hospital when he was 3 months old and it scared the life out of me, I don't know what I would have done had it been for longer.

Due to fundraising issues and a few minor injuries last year I wasn’t able to run the London Marathon so I am more determined than ever to not only run in a good time but to raise as much as possible for such a great cause!

You may have heard from them on Capital but please check out their website on to see some of the great things that they do!

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