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On April 26 I will be lining up with 40,000 others to run the London Marathon. I'm running with and raising funds for an amazing UK charity called Global Make Some Noise. Those of you who know me, definitely know that asking for anything, especially money is not easy for me. I never did well at school fundraisers or bake sales. But this time is different. I've run a lot of races that benefit some incredible charities. Some huge charities that bring in millions from their events  Global Make Some Noise is different. They support small charities.  Those that don't get the exposure like Komen or The Heart Association or American Cancer Society  

Global Make Some Noise's goal is to help change young lives across the UK by supporting small charities to improve the lives of children, young people and their families. Some of their support benefits charities like Carers Milton Keynes, a small charity that supports young carers who look after a loved one affected by an illness, disability or frailty.

Skylarks, a small charity based in South London that supports and empowers children and young people with disabilities and additional needs and Amy and Friends, a national charity that supports children and their families living with life-limiting genetic disorders and rare diseases. 

My goal is to raise 2500 dollars to support this amazing charity and I'd so appreciate your help. Everyone who contributes will get their name on my race shirt and my forever gratitude.  Thanks for any support you can give!



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